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Hall of Mirrors: Volume One. FREE at Amazon for 48 Hours.

Hall of Mirrors: Volume One.

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Sometimes 19

Sometimes 19!

My first new podcast since the end of U&F.


Click the pic to listen live / download

In this podcast I give all my news, including details of the Hall of Mirrors e-book releases and the Amazon giveaway of Hall of Mirrors: Volume One for 72 hours. Offer starts at 12.00am Pacific Standard Time tomorrow, Thursday 29th November and continues to 11.59pm on Saturday 1st December.

There's also my reading of Ambrose Bierce's classic chiller, The Stranger.

Plus music from Jah Wobble and Julie Campbell.


Psychic Life EPJah Wobble, Julie Campbell
"Feel " (mp3)
from "Psychic Life EP"
(Cherry Red Records)

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Hall of Mirrors: Ebooks Now on Sale

After a seemingly endless process of editing and formatting (just thinking about it makes my head spin), the Hall of Mirrors books are now available to buy from Amazon for Kindle, and Smashwords.com for all other e-reader devices.

There are four mini-volumes, each containing three stories (except Volume Four, which contains an extra story "Dessert") and a fifth, "Complete Edition", that contains all the stories in one book! Check the "Books" tab at the top of this blog for details and links.

Not only are the books full of tales of horror and the grotesque, but the covers also are delight of horror and the grotesque, thanks to M.J.Hahn, who has designed a beautiful range of horrifying images, as suggested by stories in each volume.

The individual mini volumes are on sale for $0.99 each, or you can save a dollar and grab the Complete Edition for just $2.99!!

So whizz over to your ebook store now and grab your copy or copies of Hall of Mirrors: Tales of Horror and the Grotesque!

The Lull by Saki

Another addition to my YouTube collection. This time it's The Lull, by Saki, which originally aired on my Sometimes podcast back in May 2011. It's one of my favourites. Hope you enjoy it.


Click the pic to hit the story.

Man-Size in Marble by E. Nesbit - Restored and on YouTube

Back in October 2010, I released a huge special edition Sometimes podcast especially for Halloween. The featured story was E. Nesbit's classic spookster, Man-Size in Marble.

I also had the reading of Man-Size available on YouTube, but back when I uploaded it, YouTube was only taking videos of about 15 minutes in length, so it was broken up into three separate videos. This - as anyone who's ever tried to follow a segmented video on YouTube can testify - was a pain in the a*se. Part One got viewed a million times but the other parts barely got a look in.

However, today I'm happy to announce that as YouTube now permits much longer videos, I've restored and uploaded the full-length recording of Man-Size in Marble in all its creepy glory. You can get it here.


It's a bit early for Halloween, but it works just as well on any dark winter's night, and by gosh, we're certainly getting those lately (or at least we are in my part of the world) Smile

For a playlist of all my readings of classic short stories on YouTube, click here.

Underwoood and Flinch on YouTube

I've decided to add Underwood and Flinch to YouTube. It's an experiment, so whether I upload the entire 45 episodes depends on how well it goes. It's basically for all those people who see subscribing to podcasts as hassle, so if you know a podcast-phobic vampire fan, please pass on this link to the U&F YouTube Playlist and plug them into it.


Don't expect all the episodes to arrive immediately, doing this is going to be a lot of work. But the bonus for me (and you, I hope) is that I'm cutting off the music and intros / outros, which will result in a product that's more audiobook than episodic podcast novel. Awesome? I should co-co Smile

Award Arrives

Look what arrived in the post this morning! Time to shove all the human skulls and dessicated hands from my mantelpiece and put something really cool up there! It's lovely, isn't it? I'm happily surprised at how large and weighty it is (actress - bishop).


Many thanks to the team at the Parsec Awards for sending it to me, and for doing such a smashing job this year and every year Smile

Underwood and Flinch wins 2012 Parsec

Fabulous news from the Parsec Awards! Underwood and Flinch has been awarded the Parsec for Best Small Cast Speculative Fiction Story (Long Form). I'm absolutely thrilled with the result, and I know many of you will be too! An official announcement appeared today in the online newspaper of the Dragon Con convention in Atlanta, "The Daily Dragon Online" I've added a screenshot from the page, below (the big red hand is my addition, I added it so you could spot U&F more easily).


My thanks to everyone who nominated U&F for the Parsec this year. We made runner up status in 2010, failed to get submitted last year (a mix up with emails - long story) but this year, finally, his lordship gets to raise a glass of claret in celebration.

As you can see from the pic, the other finalists represent a great array of podcast audio fiction and drama, and I hope that as a podcast listener, you'll check them out (if you haven't already done so).Here are live links to save you the trouble of searching them out ...

Smile I'll update you with a picture of the gong when it arrives Smile

Dave Fisk on Kickstarter.

Hey everyone! Remember Dave Fisk's recent video of support for the U&F campaign at Indiegogo? Well now Dave has his own campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for an iPhone case he's developing. The case turns your iPhone into a movie camera (almost). Check out his video and then follow this link to his campaign to see what perks he's offering.

Good luck, Dave!

Charles Sheehan-Miles's 'Insurgent' at Kickstarter

Hey Listeners! Charles Sheehan-Miles, a fellow Podiobooks.com author that many of you may know, is running a fundraising campaign over at Kickstarter.com to publish, Insurgent: Book Two of America's Future. Here's the story:

From an author described by a Top 50 Reviewer as "one of America's criminally neglected authors," Insurgent is the riveting sequel to the surprise bestseller Republic: A Novel of America's Future.

Three months after the end of the West Virginia civil war, Valerie Murphy faces her worst fears as the violence escalates out of control. Former Congressman Al Clark, now Governor of the bankrupt state, must quell an insurgency even as he struggles to put the state back together. In a small town south of Charleston, West Virginia, Corporal Jim Turville falls in love with Rebecca Mays, a local high school student and ballet dancer, putting both their lives at risk.

You can listen to Republic: Book One of America's Future for free at Podiobooks.com,  and if you like it and want to help Charles bring Book Two to the world, back his campaign at Kickstarter and grab one of his excellent perk packages.

Good luck, Charles!

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